Feminist Business Coaching

Learn how to create your own feminist business with our unique coaching service! Using business to support female equality is a relatively new concept. But it works! Not only do you help women but you make an income and meaningful career from doing so!

Introductory Session: $25 – 1/2 Hour

In the first session you can talk about your ideas and ask us any questions you wish. It also gives us a chance to chat with you. We do not want to work with a client who we don’t feel will benefit from our coaching sessions. And we want you to feel that you will benefit from these coaching sessions.

Once you have purchased your Introductory Session click here for your Feminist Entrepreneur Coaching Appointment Form. On this form you can ask questions and we can schedule our Skype/Facetime Introductory Session.

Feminist Entrepreneur Business Coaching Packages

If you feel during the Introductory session that you will benefit from the Sensual Entrepreneur Business Coaching Sessions that we offer then you may sign up for any of the following packages:

  1. Single Session: $100
  2. 3-Session Package: $250
  3. 5-Session Package: $400

Each session is just over 60 minutes including a small break. Sessions will be conducted using Facetime or Skype.

Access to The Feminist Entrepreneur eBook is included with any coaching package as a primary reading resource.

To make an appointment for a private coaching session:

  1. Telephone: 808-269-2825
  2. Skype: mojohawaii